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Walter Roland Moore was the speechwriter for the automotive legend from 2005 to 2007, capturing the nuances of his distinctive voice and grammatical style. He worked closely with Mr. Iacocca drafting concepts for over a dozen speeches and special projects, including the unveiling of the $300,000 Mercedes-Benz Maybach 65.  

He wrote Iacocca’s acceptance speech for the Autorox Automotive Icon Award, televised from Las Vegas on Spike TV (see link below), and wrote the text for Keifer Sutherland’s introduction.

Other speeches included Mr. Iacocca’s acceptance of Harvard’s Healthy Cup Award and a commencement speech for the Valpariso University School of Law.

Special writing projects for Mr. Iacocca and the Iacocca Foundation included biographies, chronologies, press releases, fact sheets, character profiles, book outlines, and more. 

Mr. Iacocca was one of the most charismatic personalities I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Even his most subtle gestures revealed a strength of character and natural leadership. Despite the luxurious rewards of his success, his life resonated with the realities of the Great Depression and WWII, and it imbued him with a simplicity and lack of pretension that contributed to his greatness.

SAMPLE SPEECHES by Walter Roland Moore

Download a PDF of Steve Smythe’s welcome.
Download a
PDF of Dana Ball’s intro of Mr. Iacocca.
Download a
PDF of Mr. Iacocca’s speech.

Unveiling of Mercedes-Benz Maybach 57 S
Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, CA
October 18, 2005

Download a PDF of Mr. Iacocca’s speech.

Gerald & Mark Golf Classic
San Mateo, CA
October 24, 2005

Download a PDF of Kiefer Sutherland’s intro of Lee Iacocca.
Download a
PDF of Mr. Iacocca’s speech.

Automotive Icon Award Acceptance Speech 
Las Vegas, NV
April 8, 2006

Download a PDF of Mr. Iacocca’s speech.

Healthy Cup Award Acceptance Speech
Harvard School of Public Health
Boston, MA
April 21, 2006

Download a PDF of Version 2 of Mr. Iacocca’s speech (4,900 words).
Download a
PDF of Final Version of Mr. Iacocca’s speech (2,100 words).

Commencement Address
Valparaiso University School of Law
Valparaiso, IN
May 20, 2006

Introduction of Jay Leno
Mustangs in the Park
Van Nuys, CA
June 25, 2006

Download a PDF of Mr. Iacocca’s speech.


Speech conferences with Lee Iacocca were all conducted at his home in Bel Air—a gated 10,000-square-foot Tuscan mansion on more than an acre of land. It was a surprisingly long walk through the palatial living room to the den at the far end of the house where we worked. The den was small, nondescript, and ordinary compared to the home’s regal décor—and it was a comfort zone for Lee Iacocca.

The den was kept meticulously clean, but the setting never changed. On my first visit I noticed several books on the Ford Mustang sitting askew on the bookshelf—and they remained in the exact same position for over a year. I would always sit on a small couch with my laptop on my lap and my research papers spread on the floor. Though there was a coffee table in front of me, it was always covered with bowls and objects that didn’t move. Lee always sat about eight feet in front of me in a stiff wooden chair. His work station was a 42” round oak table pushed against the wall next to a French door. Piles of books, magazines, and papers filled most of the table, leaving him just enough space to take notes.

Topics for speeches ranged from his career highlights to the global effects of liability litigation and trade deficits. There were always digressions and personal reflections: his early love of big band music and the Sunnybrook Ballroom, designing the Ford Mustang on a napkin, and spending time with Frank Sinatra.

 A tape recorder was always handy to capture the moments we felt would be important for review. Excerpts from over 4 hours of recordings will be included.